Company Overview
The leading independent surface logging company

GEOLOG International B.V. (“GEOLOG”) is a leading global oilfield services company that provides surface logging services to a substantial and diversified client base. Founded in 1982 in Milan, Italy, the firm is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and maintains offices in most major oil producing countries. GEOLOG operates at the forefront of technology and its services are centered on the optimization of the overall drilling times and costs of each well and the acquisition of quality data for formation characterization.

GEOLOG services national and international oil companies and integrated service providers, both onshore and offshore across more than 45 countries and is presently involved in exploration, development, deep offshore, HP/HT wells and unconventional (shale) reservoirs. GEOLOG´s significant   growth since its inception over 30 years ago is to be attributed, amongst others, to its technological leadership in surface logging and its strong focus on proprietary research and development. As such, GEOLOG invests heavily in R&D (up to 5% of annual turnover) with a target to produce a new patent, on average, every two years. In line with its strategy to be the leading global supplier of choice for highly technological surface logging services to the oil and gas industry, GEOLOG focuses on those markets where its leadership in highly complex drilling projects is required, and recognized. These typically include deep-water, deep-onshore and horizontal drilling with extended reach as well as compartmental reservoir. In particular, GEOLOG is now a world leader in gas detection and gas extraction from drilling mud thanks to its advanced constant volume and temperature degasser and DualFidTM chromatograph technology.

GEOLOG´s products and services are centered on 3 key industry requirements:
  • To reduce overall drilling time and costs
  • To improve rig safety
  • To characterize reservoirs

GEOLOG is the largest independent international surface logging company in the world and presents itself as the only solution to clients seeking an independent surface logging company versus one of the fully integrated service providers.

GEOLOG’s surface logging services provide data which is critical for the drilling, geology and reservoir groups of clients. GEOLOG delivers services which include the monitoring of (i) geological data obtained by physical evaluation of cuttings; (ii) hydrocarbons data obtained from analysis of gases in and out and (iii) surface drilling data (including mechanical, hydraulic and engineering variables) obtained using several high-end sensors and quasi real time enhanced analysis.                            GEOLOG provides key information to evaluate the well in terms of hydrocarbons ratios, pressure balances, and relative positions of its lithological layers. GEOLOG’s services also provide early warning on dangers to ensure well safety and to prevent formation damages for optimum data acquisition and field productivity.
Geolog Headquarters:

Geolog International BV
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Geolog International BV
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