The largest independent international mud logging company in the world

GEOLOG International B.V. ("GEOLOG") is an oilfield services company operating at the forefront of technology in the field of surface logging. GEOLOG’s mud logging services are centered on the optimization of the overall drilling times and costs of each well and the acquisition of quality data to improve formation evaluation.

GEOLOG services national and international oil companies, both onshore and offshore across more than 35 countries.

GEOLOG has grown significantly since its inception in 1982 in Milan (Italy) and now specializes in niche mud logging services dedicated to the oil & gas upstream sector (drilling and production). Following the recent mergers and acquisitions in the mud logging sector, GEOLOG is now the largest independent international mud logging company in the world and therefore presents itself as the only solution to clients seeking an independent mud logging service provider versus one of the fully integrated service providers.

GEOLOG is presently involved in exploration, development, deep offshore and HP/HT wells. GEOLOG´s growth is to be attributed, amongst others, to its technological leadership in mud logging and its strong focus on proprietary research and development. As such, GEOLOG invests heavily in R&D (5% of annual turnover) with a target to produce a new patent, on average, every two years. In line with its strategy to be the leading global supplier of choice for highly technological mud logging services to the oil and gas industry, GEOLOG focuses on those markets where its leadership in highly complex drilling projects is required, and recognized. These typically include deep-water, deep-onshore and horizontal drilling with extended reach as well as compartmental reservoir. In particular, GEOLOG is now a world leader in gas detection and gas extraction from drilling mud thanks to its advanced constant volume and temperature degasser and DUAL FIDTM chromatograph technology. GEOLOG´s products and services are centered on 3 key industry requirements:
To reduce drilling times and costs
To improve rig safety
To characterize reservoirs

GEOLOG has also developed the resources and skill set to be able to start new operations offshore and onshore on very short notice, in order to meet clients’ demands, worldwide.

GEOLOG has been certified since 1999 with Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Risk Based Certification™, this approach is specifically designed to help the Company build and maintain systems that assess and mitigate risks, assisting the company towards growth and value creation. GEOLOG strongly believes in this approach and the results are clearly visible with the fast growth of the Company’s global performances, including HSE. This is a proof that GEOLOG genuinely acts on protecting the Health, Safety and Environment during its operations. Continuously, GEOLOG pro-actively works with employees, clients, contractors, public and government agencies in order to achieve the highest possible standards of health, safety and environmental protection.
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